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Claw Core Bonded Bullets
is a well known premium bullet manufacturer from South Africa.
Their bullets have stood the test of time, and have performed far above expectations in the hunting field.
With it's strong jackets and bonded lead-core it excels at taking Africa's toughest animals,
retaining it's weight while achieving ample mushroom.

Claw Core Bonded bullets are best suited in calibers for bushveld hunting distances, with bullets reaching the intended
target animal at velocities between 2000fps and 2400fps. Although they have been known to work well
between 1600fps and 2900fps, they perform best at impact velocities around 2300fps.

At an earlier stage thicker jackets were available for Claw bullets, but it was discontinued because in some
calibers with lower muzzle velocity it led to inferior expansion.

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The Un-bonded Range Bullets-line helps cut back the costs for the much needed range sessions. With its
thinner jacket and un-bonded core it is optimum for paper punching and varminting, but should never be used on game animals.

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Claw Core Bonded Bullets,

When You Only Have One Chance to Bring the Bacon Home!

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Production and delivery usually takes 7-14days.           Vervaardiging en aflewering neem gewoonlik 7-14 dae.

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